Open. Simple. Connected.

To kick off 2019, Centerline Digital had contacted me about working on a project for IBM Security.  Ahead of their Think2019 event in early February, we had a tight timeline to create, revise, and hone the message of their online security platform.  

We were tasked with taking an abstract concept and making it visually grounded and fundamentally digestible to understand at a quick glance.
The main conceptual push for this video was to ask, "What if instead of siloed data and disparate tools, you could manage security from a simple, connected, cloud-based platform?"  
Security doesn’t need more tools. It needs new rules.

Fighting new threats with more tools just adds complexity. It’s time to rethink your approach to cybersecurity.
Role: Design, Illustration and Animation

Account Director - Nicole Taylor
Account Manager - Anna Guardia
Creative Director - Dan Self
Associate Creative Director - Craig Walker
Senior Art Director - Brian Pace
Project Manager - Ailee Taggart

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