In November of 2011, PBS Kids Sprout approached Shufflebox with a Request for Proposal of an Animation Test for a long-form program showcasing one of the network's most beloved characters, Chica.  Chica is the lovably squeaky little chicken from The Sunny Side Up Show.  
Sprout's intention was to create a live-action show that featured animated segments of Chica and Kelly's imaginative adventures.  Our task was to create a 30 second (or more) animation test inside Adobe Flash, that showcased our vision for Chica, her human friend Kelly, and the "world" they exist in.  Our final animation was 95% Flash, with a little help from After Effects for the transitions.  The intro animation was created with Cinema 4D.
The submitted animation pitch.
We borrowed audio from The Sunny Side Up Show, to help assist our animation test.  In the clip, Kelly and Chica are reciting the story of "Little Miss Muffet".  The audio bite was selected because it allowed us to explore how our characters might look in a variety of costumes, as well as bring us back and forth between "worlds".  
Kelly and Chica's Final Design
Illustrated version of the Costume Coop.
Our animated world for our "Little Miss Muffet" scene.
Logo Mock Ups based off the RFP and Show Summary.
I'm a big fan of seeing where ideas start from to where they ultimately wind up.  Below are some of those character stages that didn't quite make the cut for one reason or another.  We still have favorites, but the technical demands of the show timeline guided us back down a simplistic character route.
Unused designs for Kelly and Chica. "The Disney Princess Look"
Unused designs for Kelly and Chica. "The Disney Princess Look"
Unused designs for Kelly and Chica.
Scattered throughout our presentation documents were additional character illustrations that had been referenced in the Show Summary provided by Sprout.  The objective was to keep our pitch documents as colorful and vibrant as possible with visuals of this animated world.  
Captain Billy Button, a surly pirate with a knack for misplacing his belongings, helps to teach Chica the importance of being responsible for your own belongings.  
Eggs with Leggs are a crazy and dynamic duo that offered visual transitions from one scene to the next.  And for Eggs that can't see where they are going, high impact sport activites made the most logical sense.
Captain Billy Button
Eggs with Leggs Skydiving
Eggs with Leggs enjoying both Winter and Summer Sports
Even though we ultimately didn't win the pitch, Chica still went on to have many adventures and learn the true meaning of friendship. Chica's Costume Coop became The Chica Show which can be found online at PBS Kids Sprout.  Check your local listings to catch Chica's adventures on air.
Client: Children's Network, LLC
Production Company: Shufflebox Productions
Project Lead: Matthew Sienzant
Illustration/2D Animation: Ron Eckler
3D Animation: E.J. Hassenfratz 
Music: KillerTracks

Children's Network, LLC 2011©
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